NeuroFitness is a powerful, non-invasive, brain training technology that gently resets the Central Nervous System. It is like hitting the restart button to the brain. 

Our clients have reported relief from depression, anxiety, and attention related disorders, as well as finding deep and refreshing sleep.  

"I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life thanks to their individual expertise and that of the technology they use."  (Kellene B., found relief from pain and anxiety.)

Learn more about how NeuroFitness with NeurOptimal Neurofeedback brain training can benefit you.

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Have you ever wanted to push the reset button on the brain?  Clean out the clutter?  Streamline thought?
What if you could train the brain to -
  • sleep through the night,
  • end anxiety,
  • manage stress,
  • and overcome ADD/ADHD*


You Can - With NeuroFitness from AOM!

Improve Focus and Performance

Regulate Mood and Emotion

Over time, stressors in life that cause the brain to create chaos.  This manifests as depression, anxiety, lack of focus, and even lack of drive. 

Imagine driving your car over a long a heavily potholed and washboard road.  That would take a serious toll on your alignment.  That is what daily life is like when we have never learned to stop and reset through meditation or other forms of training.  NeuroFitness teaches the brain to relax and release. When the brain is interrupted in it's patterns, the central nervous system begins to re-calibrate.  Neurofeedback is a powerful tool in helping the brain hit the reset button finding balance and peace, clarity and focus, and energy and drive.

Releive Depression

According to the Center For Disease Control, 9.1% of Americans are depressed and 4% meet the criteria for clinical depression (

Depression is a debilitating mental state that all of us will pass through at one point in our life and increases as we age.  NeuroFitness NeuroFeedback is very effective in training the brain and stopping the patterns that can lead to depression.  Add a brain healthy diet and exercise and depression can be easily managed or eliminated.

Improves Focus and ADHD

Did you know that Neurofeedback has been ranked with the tier 1 interventions for ADD and ADHD?

The young developing brain of a child is constantly making adjustments and going through major transitions well into the 20's. NeuroFitness gently guides that developing brain without the negative side effects of medications. Many children experience rapid and sustainable growth when they are first treated with NeuroFitness.

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Counseling and Coaching for Couples, Families, and Individuals
When couples are distressed the whole family suffers. Gina and Brett know that when you need help with relationships it's more than just communication skills you want.
Couples and families who seek help with EFT want to know how to:
  • end the chaos,
  • develop closeness and connection,
  • feel safe at home,
  • and have their love last forever.


Our Talented Counselors


Brett M Judd LMSW

Brett uses attachment model and EFT principles in individual and family counseling. He specializes in training hopeful entrepreneurs to be top performing marketers.



Gina H Judd LPC

Gina has extensively trained with some of the nation's leading EFT Therapists and has helped numerous couples find the relationship they desire.



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